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1 1/4\" Hanflo Foot Valve & Filter Sock Combo
1 1/4" Hanflo Foot Valve & Filter Sock Combo
  • Model: FV032-PK

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The Hanflo Foot Valve and Foot Valve Sock are the perfect companions. The Hanflo foot valves Full Flow capability maximizes the intake of water into your system while the sock is present, eliminating strain on the pump. The sock works to prevent silt, sand and Zebra Mussels from clogging up your system.


This is the CORRECT Foot Valve for use with your Hanflo Foot Valve Stand.



Technological breakthroughs make the Hanflo Foot Valve a premium choice for your cottage water system. Full, Unrestricted Flow results in more water into your system in less time, expanding the lifetime of your pump. Self cleaning and easy access to all moving parts makes them a dream to service, if ever required.

• Robust, compact design

• Engineering grade materials perfect for heavy use applications

• Easy system priming; the valve opens at only 1psi

• Operates at any angle or position!

• Con-corrosive drinking water approved materials

• Outstanding usability with easy access cap and self-cleaning filter



The proliferation of Zebra Mussels has been an increasing problem in the fouling of many cottage water systems. Hanflo provide a simple yet highly effective solution that's been designed to compliment the Hanflo Foot Valve. The sock is composed of a 100 micron polyester mesh which is fine enough to filter out the 158 to 500 micron Zebra Mussel, while also prevent clogging of the Foot Valve from silt, sand and other organic matter. Customer testimonies have proven this simple solution to be surprisingly effective, even surpassing that of $200 or $300 solutions they've tried in the past. Add one to your order with a Hanflo Foot Valve, it's money well spent!

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